Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Now What?

So here we sit in the possibly post-bloggerated.com era, And it's kinda depressing. I want to throw out a dot com here and there. It's easier to send people my way. I can't do that. I can, but the free URL is ugly and clunky. I believe if I make a phone call, I might be able to sort this thing out but I'm not that desperate. I hate making phone calls. 

So does anyone have another idea? Do you think I should rename the blog? I think it would be easier to get a brand new name than trying to get the old name back. Not sure. Got any ideas? 

Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Hangover

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I sit here in the kitchen drinking a cup a coffee, and I'm not going to lie, I feel like garbage. I took my own advice from yesterdays post and really went to town on two giant plates of Thanksgiving food. Pretty good, I think.  I ate fast and loose.

However, it was too much.  When we were done eating, Jesse and I washed the dishes. Leaning over the sink to wash the dishes hurt.  It hurt in our chests.  First it was Jesse's problem, but once I took over the dish washing, I also noticed the weird pain in my lower chest, as well.  Totally gross.

I did manage a piece of pie, which I can't hardly believe.

We went "Black Friday" shopping last night at like, 11:30.  Wasn't that crazy, deals weren't all that mind blowing (although they were good).  We got stuff for the kids and ourselves.  It was weird being in an Old Navy at midnight, because it didn't feel like midnight.  In fact, being out at the Nashville West Shopping thinger-ma-bob that late at night would have felt real weird had there not been the normal amount of shoppers and traffic for that area at, say, six p.m. on a regular day.  The only indication to me that it was super late was my uncontrollable yawns.

But what I'm trying to say here is that I feel hung over this morning.  I have a thanksgiving hangover.  I drank some water, drank some coffee and ate some pie.  I still feel like a small truck hit me last night.  I'm slowly feeling better, but I don't every remember feeling this way after thanksgiving before.

Well anyway, that's all, I guess.  Now that thanksgiving is over, it's not The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year.™ ™

Merry Christmas™ ™!!!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

6 Tips to Maximize Your Thanksgiving Feast Experience

It's Thanksgiving day, and you know what that means. Trying to eat as much food as you possibly can. If
you're like me, on Thanksgiving day you get sad when you're too full to eat anymore amazing food.  So what is a person to do?  How can you maximize you're food intake on a day like today?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Pizza Delivery

I ordered a pizza yesterday for the thrill of ordering a pizza for delivery.  I know that might sound weird, but in our old apartment, not a lot of places wouldn't deliver to us because of the neighborhood we were near, and also due to the lack of nearby pizza places, I guess.  Anyway, I thought it would be neat to order a Domino's pizza and have it delivered to my front door, and I wanted a pizza real bad, so I ordered one.  Have you guys tried the new handmade pan pizza from Domino's?  It's really good.  (Pay me, Domino's.) Also at the old apartment, it was a bit of an ordeal to explain our gate to the delivery driver, so that was nice not having that to deal with.  I mean, I guess I didn't order the pizza JUST BECAUSE I wanted it delivered, I did it because I wanted a pizza, and I didn't want to go pick it up or make one.

I do have this weird guilt about having people do stuff for me.  I understand that people have jobs that serve other people, but there's this part of me that thinks I don't need someone to do something for me, I can do it myself, don't worry about it.  I made that poor pizza delivery girl drive across Green Hills to bring me one stupid pizza.  I could have done that myself.  I did tip her, so that's my thank you I suppose.  I don't know, I ordered a pizza and it was delicious.  And it was cool to have someone bring it to me.

Later in the day, I had to go to the CVS and get some Tylenol because we didn't have any and my wife had a fever.  While there, I impulse bought a twelve pack of Keystone Light, which was nice and cheap. I also got some Gatorade so I had two bags of stuff as I left.  I brought Miles with me on this trip to the store. When we were leaving the store, I set my bags down on the ground by my car to I could put Miles in his car seat. When I got home, the Tylenol was missing from my bag! I checked the car and it wasn't in there, so it must have fallen out of the bag in the CVS parking lot.  I quickly re-strapped Miles into his seat and headed back to the store to find my missing pills.  When I got there, the box with the bottle inside was on the ground, and it had been run over.  I opened the bottle and all the pills were crushed and it was useless.  I took the bottle back inside and grabbed a new thing of Tylenol off the shelf. When I got to the counter, I told the nice cashier what had happened. She was nice and let me replace the product. I was the one that screwed up and they let me replace the purchase and I was pretty happy about that.  Thanks, CVS!

Okay, that's all.  Have a fine day.  

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Movember or No-Shave November or Novembeard

I just got both kids to nap, and I was about to log off the computer and go work out when I took a shameless webcam selfie (for a project I've been "working on" for a while now) and I couldn't believe how good my sweet, sweet mustache looks in this lighting so I decided to stop by and post the pic on the blog because I'm vain like that.

That was all one sentence and I apologize for that.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New House Review

Alright, here I sit 9:42 AM and my daughter is still sleeping in, like a teenager.  She's never done this before, and while I'm not concerned, I'm a little bit interested how long this will last.  I'm not complaining, I like having no kids to feed and pay attention to, but c'mon kid, what's up here?

Anyway, let me give you an update on our house, now that we've been living here for a couple weeks.

  1. It's cold in here. It's a lot colder in here.  I imagine it'll be really hot in the summer as well.  It's an older house, so I suppose the insulation and the window seals and what have you are not as good as our old apartment, which was less than 10 years old at the time we lived there.  It gets way colder than we're used to in here at night, and when I have to get out of bed numerous times throughout the night, I can't wait to get back under the covers and get back to sleep in the warm bed.  The reality is that I end up just freezing all the time, and it's something I'll have to get used to, because I look at the calender, I see that it's early November, which means it's not getting any warmer anytime soon.  That's okay, I just have to bundle up.  
  2. The dishwasher kind of sucks.  It's to the point that I hand-washed two glasses yesterday so I could have a glass of water that didn't have chunks of shit stuck to the side of the glass.  I pulled out a saucepan from the dishwasher yesterday that looked as murky as it probably was when it went in.  I don't want to have to hand-wash all our dishes because ain't no body got time for that.  It's just unfortunate. #firstworldproblems
  3. The tub in the bathroom is old and deep which is nice.  I imagine at some point I could acutally take a bath in our house, and that seems relaxing. 
  4. I'm afraid to do my workout, because I'm afraid I'll go though the floor.   Not entirely true, but I am afraid that I will knock over the TV or knock a mirror off the wall.  The floors are bouncy and old, while the old place had a concrete feeling under the carpet, which made me feel like I could do anything on that floor, weight wise.  I'm going to try it today, if I get the chance, but so far, I'm worried what will happen.  If I end up through the floor, I'll be really pissed. 
  5. It feels like home already. It didn't take long for me to feel like I was at home here. It feels so framilliar already, and when I'm out of the house, I get excited to go home, because I like it here.  I really do.  
Okay, so that's all.  I really hope I didn't already write this post last week and I forgot, but I really don't remember what I wrote last time out here.  Have a nice rest of the week and I'll talk to you soon. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

We're Moving: We Moved

Right, so we're in the house, yeah.  We're a bit settled in here now, but this, right now, is honestly the longest I've sat down and done nothing here at this house since we moved in.  I've never worked as hard for such a stretch of time than I did last week.  It was such a whirlwind of work I don't even realize how much I did, but I know I didn't stop moving for five straight days.

The big question I had before the move was "we're not packing, I don't know how this is going to go."  Well, my answer is shitty.  No, don't do that.  The thinking was, we're not moving very far, we don't need to pack everything just to unpack it again a minute later.  What ended up happening is us just throwing random shit into bags and boxes and hauling it all over here over the course of four days.  It would have been much, much faster if we had packed and cleaned in the weeks leading up to the move, but honestly, we took the lazy, under pressure route, which was way harder than just packing up a bunch of organized boxes and moving them efficently.  It was a mistake, and it cause us to move things multiple times in stead of OHIO (only handle it once).  Don't do that when you move.  Take time to pack and clean slowly in the days and weeks leading up your move.

It's funny because I really thought I was keeping a clean apartment before.  No, I wasn't.  I was keeping the main areas clean, I suppose, but the nooks and crannies of our apartment were filthy.  Dog hair and dust just EVERYWHERE.  Lots of work was done, but when we finished, the maintenance man for the complex said our work made the place nearly move-in ready for the next tenant.  That felt good to hear.

I'm not sure what sucked worse, the lifting of heavy crap and the stress of where we are going to put it all, since we have less storage in the new place, or the cleaning of the old place.  It's pretty equal, but if there's one thing I learned from the experience is that Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are amazing.  They do everything, man.  They're just clean up whatever you need to scrub.  I highly recommend that product to everyone for everything.

So we're in the new house, there is shit everywhere, and I don't feel like putting it away right now.  I haven't gotten to procrastinate on anything in a while, so now I'm going to sit here and watch football and wait for my wife to come home from work.  When she gets home, we're going to Best Buy to get iPhone 5s'.  Pretty excited about it, I'm not going to lie.

Here's a pic of the new house.  I will take more pictures and post them HERE later, once more stuff is put away.